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Choir Robes and Stoles 

Deluxe Custom Choir Robes 

Economy Robes in stock and now on sale.

Custom and In-stock Choir Stoles


Choir Cassocks,  Performance Choir Robes,
Clergy Robes,  Clergy Shirts, Clerical Vestments,  Choir Stoles,  Surplices and more,
all at affordable prices.

Deluxe Robes

Deluxe Robes

Deluxe Choir Robes  

Regent Choir Robe and Celeste Choir Robe.

Deluxe choir robes are constructed of rich
Pilgrim cloth in 20 colors or
Regis Crepe in 13 colors.  
Two wide front panels and fluting across the back of the yoke and over the shoulders give these choir robes a rich, full look.

Pilgrim Cloth is a plain weave, spun polyester fabric with a soft sheen and superb drape. Pilgrim has the feel of substance, yet is light and comfortable, hard-wearing, wrinkle resistant and washable.

Regis Crepe is a luxurious woven polyester fabric in a premium quality weave yarn, texturized in both the warp and the weft.  This give Regis Crepe a good feel and superb draping qualities while being light in weight. Of course it is easy-care machine washable.

Deluxe robes are custom made.  Please allow for this. 


Regent Choir Robe Open sleevesRegent Choir Robe Open sleevesThis standard Regent style is a full cut, custom manufactured choir robe with extra material and larger hems. Custom made quality at an economy price.
Celeste Choir RobeCeleste Choir RobeOur Traditional Best Seller. Made to order, the Celeste is a value packed choir robe.
Economy Robes

Economy Robes

Economy Robes 

The Ultra Robe (12 colors) and the
Freedom Robe (11 colors) are beautiful, woven polyester gowns gathered at the shoulders and yoke. These robes are generally in stock for immediate delivery.  Quantity pricing is available for all ecomomy choir robes. 

The Millennium Robe and the Millennium Children's Robe.  This is an inexpensive and
in-stock way to put your entire choir in a matching robe, no matter their age. 

NEW!  Ultra Custom Robe in 9 new, deeper, richer colors.

Millennium RobeMillennium RobeMillennium Robe in 18 Colors. Quantities as low as $18.00
Freedom  RobeFreedom RobeAn economy robe constructed of polyester Freedom cloth. Available in 11 beautiful colors.
 In-stock. Quantities as low as $19.00
Ultra  RobeUltra RobeWoven polyester Ultra robe in 12 colors. 
 In Stock Quantities as low as $20.00
Ultra Robe-CustomUltra Robe-Custom
Custom made Ultra robe in 9 more beautiful colors.


Choir Stoles 

Available in 10 oz. and 13 oz. Satin, Pilgrim cloth and Premium fabrics to match your gown.  Add a stole to signify seasonal or special events.  Stoles are the perfect accessory to give your choir a polished appearance.
A wide variety of Clerical Stoles is also available.

Wonderful Stole arrived on 1/09/12! Never saw anything so beautiful and so carefully beautifully stitched! A truly worthy gift to the Church! Thank you ever so much!
 D M
One color  Satin Stoles are often in stock for immediate delivery.  


Pennant Stole 002Pennant Stole 002Pennant style Satin stole available in 30 colors of 10oz. satin.  Embroidery available with 13oz. satin.
Pennant Stole 1516Pennant Stole 1516Classic Pennant Performance Stole dressed up with contrasting trim and 4" Latin Cross.
Traditional Stole 1523Traditional Stole 1523Traditional Performance choir stole in Pilgrim cloth with 4" Latin crosses.
Performance Robes

Performance Robes

Performance Choir Robes

Five beautiful styles to choose from; the Rodolfo, La Traviata, PolonaiseBrahms and Strauss(right), each offering different sleeve, panel and cuff variations. 
These simple yet elegant Performance choir robes are custom made in your choice of 20 colors of Pilgrim cloth
or 13 colors of Regis Crepe.

LaTraviata-Stand up collar/Cuffed SleevesLaTraviata-Stand up collar/Cuffed SleevesDeluxe style gown with cuffed sleeves and contrast piping around the yoke, collar and front panels .
Rodolfo Performance Choir RobeRodolfo Performance Choir RobeCuffed sleeve with contrasting front and sleeve panels or one solid color to match the choir. Perfect for a director.
Polonaise Performance Choir RobePolonaise Performance Choir RobeThis beautiful choir robe has contrasting front panels and half sleeves.
Brahms Performance Choir RobeBrahms Performance Choir RobeOur deluxe choir robe with added sleeve trim and contrasting yoke and front panels.
Premium Robes

Premium Robes

Premium Choir Robes

Available in four luxurious fabrics and six designs.

Contrasting yoke colors, inset panels and attached stoles are a few of the variations available.  


ArchangelArchangelChoir robe with contrasting yoke, inside/outside sleeve trim and double contrasting stoles in the front.
StylistStylistChoir robe with square yoke, zipper closure and deep pointed sleeves with contrasting lining.
RevelationRevelationChoir robe with square contrasting yoke, contrasting twin full front panels and box pleat in the open sleeve.
Cassocks/Jr. Robes

Cassocks/Jr. Robes

Choral Cassocks

Constructed of Pilgrim cloth or Regis Crepe with a velcro closure at the neck and a snap at the waist. Designed to be worn with or without a cincture.

Junior Choir Robes 

A smaller version of the adult Celeste choir robe; also constructed of beautiful Pilgrim cloth or Regis Crepe.

Choral CassockChoral CassockClean, simple, straight line cassocks cut in the Classic Alba Style
Junior Choir RobeJunior Choir RobeDramatic savings for Junior or Childrens Choirs.
Allow 6-8 weeks to manufacture all custom made choir robes. This includes the Regent, Celeste, Choral Cassocks, Pulpit robes, Premium robes, Performance Robes and Performance stoles.


Clergy Shirts

Clergy Shirts

Clergy Shirts

A wide variety of colors with either tab collar or neck band, long or short sleeves and regular or white French cuffs.  Clergy attire to meet all your needs.
MDS Clergy Shirt-black 4000/7000MDS Clergy Shirt-black 4000/7000Short sleeved black clergy shirt. 70% Cotton-30% Polyester.
MDS Clergy Shirt-Grey 7400MDS Clergy Shirt-Grey 7400COTTON RICH. Grey Tab collar Short Sleeved Clergy Shirt.
Available with Deacon Cross.
MDS Clergy Shirt Long Sleeve, Black, Neckband 8000/8800MDS Clergy Shirt Long Sleeve, Black, Neckband 8000/8800Black Neckband Long Sleeve shirt with with choice of cuffs..
MDS Clergy Shirt, Omega Cotton,  LongSleeveMDS Clergy Shirt, Omega Cotton, LongSleeveOMEGA Premier 100% Cotton
Black or White

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